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SGTi is developing fingerprint retrofit kits to be installed on home defense guns.  Once installed only an authorized user can fire the gun preventing children and other unauthorized users from firing the gun.


Our IndieGoGo campaign is completed but these videos still help tell our story.



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Safe Gun Technology (SGTi™) is putting fingerprint technology on guns.   Too many accidental child shootings and suicides by gun occur when someone gets access to a gun the owner never even intended for them to have.

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We have patented the ability to make guns safer through the use of biometric technology that effectively will “lock” a gun, preventing any unauthorized user from firing the firearm. Our engineers are working to move this technology forward.

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We are seeking supporters to help us further our technology and ultimately bring it to market. Our product has clear applications across the marketplace, and we invite you to join us on our mission to make guns safer.

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