Safe Gun Technology | About Us

Our Philosophy

The second amendment right to bear arms is one of the most fundamental and treasured rights of Americans.  As such, the American people carry the duty to exercise that right responsibly.

Some may refer to our technology as a “smart” technology.  A firearm cannot think and therefore cannot be smart; however, a firearm can be safe.  Safe Gun’s goal is to make firearms as safe and secure as possible by developing and marketing the most advanced security system known to date.

Our History

Since we first began, our goal has been to develop a fully self-contained system that allows for personalization of a firearm.  SGTi, using a Remington 870 pump shotgun (a shotgun commonly used by both law enforcement and the U.S. military) has created a prototype of a firearm with our proprietary technology.

SGTi has demonstrated functionality of the technology and is now poised to translate it into a practical mechanism for use by firearms manufacturers, as well as retro-fitting by licensed gunsmiths.

Our Team

SGTi is comprised of a group of people working together to solve a real problem, how can we make guns safer? We feel that we can apply the same American ingenuity that has made our nation strong to help curb the epidemic

of gun violence. All highly regarded in their respective professions, their experience provides the diverse scope of expertise needed for strong leadership and cutting-edge innovation in gun safety technology.

Our team includes:

  • Engineers

  • Military Veterans

  • Law Enforcement

  • Attorneys

  • Tenured Professors

  • Finance Professionals