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If you are considering buying a gun then here are some basic questions for you to consider before you start shopping.   You will quickly realize that it is easy to get overwhelmed by the many choices of guns.  Safe Gun Technology does not recommend a particular gun but an important part of gun safety is getting the right gun for the right application.  Consider these questions before you start shopping to simplify your shopping process.

1.  Do I want this gun for just home defense? Or am I looking to carry it with me?  Or leave it in the car?  The answers will steer what type of gun you should get, what type of training you need, safety implications for your family, etc…  If your safety at home is the driving force then leave it at just home defense.  Bottom line.  If you are new to guns then start with only one scenario and then master that.  More experienced gun owners are competent enough to combine choices.  As a new gun owner your learning curve will be smoother by focusing on one purpose.

2.  What type of scenarios do I think are realistic for needing my gun?  How much time do I think I will have to react? These answers will give you a sense of where and how you might want to store the gun.  Think thru a daytime and nighttime situation.

a.  Daytime Example. Intruder knocks at the front door, seconds later intruder is trying to overcome the door. Alarm is not on. Kids are scattered thru the house.

b.  Nighttime example. Intruder breaks in thru the back door, alarm is triggered, kids are in the bedrooms, and I have 30 seconds to react, 60 seconds if I can lock the bedroom door.

Notice I did not decide what to do in these situations. I really just took a look at the risk and thought thru it from a perspective of alarm, kid’s location, point of entry, and time to react.  Everyone’s situation is different based on numerous factors.  Start with the above examples and think about what is appropriate for you.

3.  Am I familiar with the local laws for home defense? Understanding the local laws is very important. Nobody wants to use lethal force but if your home and family are threatened you need to know the law.  It will help put these scenarios in context.  It is also a minimum expectation for you as a responsible gun owner.

4.  How much time and training am I truly willing to put into this?  This question might actually deter you from purchasing a gun.  I personally go to the range every 45 – 60 days.  If it is just a training session then I will spend about 30-45 minutes training.  Many experts might say that is not often enough.

During that time, however, I put the gun into the exact condition I leave it in the house. I won’t go into that detail here. I don’t want to suggest what works for you. Everyone needs to decide what is right for them. Using that starting point I practice putting the gun into action. FYI. My wife joins me and we practice together.  Bottom line:  If you buy a gun then you have a personal responsibility to maintain your proficiency.

5.  What are the safety implications for the children in my home?  This is a far reaching question.  My only comment in this particular email is that this needs to be a conscious decision considering many factors such as age, maturity, parent’s commitment level to train, how you store your gun, etc… Candidly, our research so far, tells us that this is the number one reason why many people don’t get a gun.

Notice it will get a lot more complicated if you shop for a home defense, concealed carry, and for the car.  If this is your first gun then keep it simple by focusing on one application. Once you have thought thru this you probably have a good sense of where you stand.  From here a gun dealer can walk you thru the different gun safety mechanisms, ammunition selection, etc…

Safe Gun Technology develops fingerprint solutions for guns.  We are parents who own guns and want our children to be safe.  While you were considering the questions above it jumps out that there is a balance between having ready access to a gun and keeping your children protected.  There are many options on locking up your gun that also give you ready access to it such as bio-metric gun safe.  How you store your gun should be a conscious decision during your gun purchase decision.

We are firm believers in training children on gun safety and when age appropriate how to properly use a gun.  However, an unlocked gun leaves open the chance for something to go wrong.

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