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Our Story

Where We’ve Been

Since we first began, our goal has been to develop a fully self-contained system that allows for personalization of a firearm.  SGTi, using a Remington 870 pump shotgun (a shotgun commonly used by both law enforcement and the U.S. military) has created a prototype of a firearm with our proprietary technology.  SGTi has demonstrated functionality of the technology and is now poised to translate it into a practical mechanism for use by firearms manufacturers, as well as retro-fitting by licensed gunsmiths.

In the late ‘90s, Ken Collins, a Phenix City Alabama resident and avid gun owner, set out to develop a way to personalize firearms and make them safer.  Motivated to follow through on his gun safety ideas by the Columbine shooting and other school shootings from that time period, Ken filed his patent application on April 22, 1999. Ken was assisted in this process by a former professor of engineering at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

prototypeProof of Concept 

Since then, the SGTi team has built its corporate structure, applied for additional intellectual property, and worked to secure funding to take SGTi to the next level.

In early 2010, John Spiridigliozzi, an engineer in the medical device miniaturization field, joined the team in order to address application of the technology to handguns. John and two of his colleagues met with Ken, Charlie, and patent attorney Johney Han in April 2010. This meeting resulted in a plan to apply the technology to handguns. This meeting also resulted in patent applications being sought.

SGTi’s goal is to make this technology functional on all types of firearms ranging from an AR-15 to a 1911 handgun.