Safe Gun Technology | Just how vulnerable are your children to this tragedy?

I remember as a little boy being fascinated with my father’s closet.  He had all sorts of things to play with in there.  He had his old Army uniform, his grown up clothes, pictures, trinkets, etc…  I could get lost in there for hours.   I really believe that I looked through every single pocket of ever piece of clothing.

So when I read the below story it really hit me.  Not just because I work for Safe Gun Technology (Guess what SGTi actually does?) but because I remember all too well my curiosity.  I like to think that my father trained me well enough not to look down the barrel of a gun.   At that point though it becomes a question of curiosity versus discipline.

“East Cleveland Police said that it looks like the child shot himself while he was standing in the doorway of a bedroom closet. The unregistered loaded .38 revolver was in the pocket of a jacket that was hung in the closet.

Police told NewsChannel5’s Stephanie Ramirez that the boy is out of surgery and doing OK for what he went through. He was listed in critical condition late Monday morning.”

We could dive into why the adults in this specific situation are wrong but they have to deal with reality now.  Curious boy searches closet, finds gun, looks down the barrel of the gun, gun goes off.

The real question now is “Are you vulnerable to situations like this?”  If this one child became a statistic then how many other close calls are out there?  Just how close is too close for you?   Have you thought of everything?  Can their stories help you protect your family?

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Source for article above via Police investigating a 6-year-old with a gun shot to the head – Cleveland.