Safe Gun Technology | What options does a Single Mother have to help keep her children safe?

Many single moms own a gun because they want to protect their children.  Yet, they also fear what would happen if their child got a hold of the gun.  Or if a burglar got it and turned it on them.  Each mom now has to balance her ready access to a gun with keeping it safe from her children.

To date, there are not a lot of options.  If you put it in a safe then you are counting on having enough early warning.  If you put it under lock and key you have the same problem.  But, if you leave it out and hide it then you are counting on the children not finding it.  Some even keep the ammunition separate from the gun but that puts you right back in the same situation as needing early warning.

Safe Gun Technology thinks you should have both.  Please watch this video and answer the one question.


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