Safe Gun Technology | Why are ‘Single Moms’ one of the fastest growing gun segments?

In today’s polarized political world it is not always easy to openly discuss why anyone, never mind a single mom, would want to own a gun.  This is truer in certain parts of the country.  You know who you are!  Let’s look at the need for home defense.  The Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) (An office of the DOJ) reports the following in its most recent publication on Victimization during Household Burglary.

                                                                          Everyone                             Single Mom*

                                                             Annually                Daily                    Annually

Total Households in U.S. (est)                           117 million                                                               6 million

Total Burglaries:                                                  3.7 million                         10,173                           456k

Someone home during burglar:                         1.03 million                          2,808                           133k

Victim of violence during burglary                        267k                                    730                     Not specified

*Data offered in report as rate per 1,000 households.

 What does this mean?

First, 3.7% of households are burglarized each year.  That assumes burglars didn’t hit the same house twice which we know they do.  So 3.7% is a worst case number.

Second, if you were one of the unfortunate homes to get hit then there was a roughly 1 in 4 chance that someone was home during that burglary.

Third, if you were home then there was a 1 in 4 chance that you were a victim of violence.

In fairness, this is an average of a 5 year review between 2003 and 2007.  Also, this number fluctuates depending upon your income, race, marital status, geography, etc…  If you want to drill down into your specific type of situation then please feel free to review at this site.   In a separate but more recent report the BJS did report that the total completed burglaries was down to 2.8 million from the five year average of 3.1 million.  This update would indicate that there is a decline.  Unfortunately, it did not give detail on violent victimization.  Feel free to review that report here.

Those are the basic facts.   So Is that a case to have a gun in the home?  You decide but many mothers have told us they want a gun but are afraid of accidents.

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